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Wedding Cake S1 (Feminized)


Wedding Cake S1 (Feminized)


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6 Feminized Seeds

Wedding Cake S1’s

Wedding Cake is one of the most sought after strains on the market today. Created by JBEEZY, these connoisseur grade flowers are very potent and also easy to grow. A powerful combination of Triangle Kush crossed with Animal Mints, Wedding Cake boasts a high THC content consistently coming in at 25 – 30% and under optimal conditions has reached past 30%.

Wedding Cake is Indica dominant; therefor it has a shorter flower time than a sativa, however, the longer you take her the more “gas” you get. Flowers will tantalize your senses with sweet smells of vanilla cake batter and a flavor to match, however, don’t let the aroma fool you; this strain will have even experienced consumers talking about it. Aside from its potency Wedding Cake produces heavy yields of colorful flowers with amazing quality resin, making this cultivar a concentrate makers dream come true.

The holistic combination of mental and physical effects is perfect for patients suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. It doesn’t stop there; Wedding Cake also offers relief for insomnia and can soothe chronic aches and pains. Heavy consumption may lead to giddiness/euphoria and some may experience a pleasant heaviness and increased warmth throughout the body.

Wedding Cake – Genetic Makeup

Triangle Kush – 50%

Animal Mints – 50%

Grow credits: Heisenbeans (2018)

Photo credits: Heisenbeans (2019)

Additional information

Weight 0.21 oz


6 Seeds

Seed Sex

Feminized Seeds (Female)

Premium Collectors Pack

Crush-proof containers and tamper proof heat-sealed pouches ensure your genetics are 100% genuine and secure for their long journey.

Cannabis Type

Indica 80% Sativa 20%

Flowering Length

75 – 80 Days

Finishing Height


Recommended Growing Area

Indoor or Outdoor


Triangle Kush x Animal Mints ( Animal Cookies x Sin Mint)


Creamy, Rich, Smooth


Vanilla, Cake Batter, Sandalwood


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