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East Coast Stardawg (Feminized)


East Coast Stardawg (Feminized)


6 Feminized Seeds

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6 Feminized Seeds


East Coast Stardawg


Stardwag Corey Haim X East Coast Sour Diesel

There are many Sativa strains out on the market, but finding one that is a true pure Sativa is not easy; this is what makes Stardawg so special; and if you don’t already know, the Stardawg Corey Haim cut is regarded as the heaviest hitter of all the Stardawg phenos. The Guava cut is sweet and the Kate Upton cut is known for its coloring, just to name a few, but if you are looking for potency, the Corey Haim cut is the Holy Grail. Combine this with the sativa dominant East Coast Sour Diesel and prepare to be mind blown.

East Coast Stardawg will reward growers with vigorous plants that will need stakes or some other form of support, as well as a pungent aroma that may have you paranoid until harvest, so be sure to use carbon filters. Expect large buds with a soaring sativa high that will have you medicated for the best part of your day. The Chem dominance in this cross produces strong odors of fuel and lemon similar to Pinesol. The fragrance carries over well into the flavor and it is accompanied with sweetness.

Winner of multiple Cannabis Cup awards and THC content upward towards 25%, Stardawg, paired with East Coast Sour Diesel will energize the spirit and uplift the mind. Definitely suited for daytime useage; the buzz starts off as energizing then moves into cerebral euphoria. This is great for those suffering from fatigue, stress and anxiety. Consumers tend to feel sociable and talkative making this perfect for group consumption as well. However, do not overdo it, as its effects can become overwhelming and even psychedelic for some. Stay in moderation and you will feel stimulated and gleeful with mental clarity and focus. These highly desirable traits along with its great floral structure and aroma will make it easy to find a keeper phenotype that you can enjoy for many harvests.

East Coast Stardawg – Genetic Makeup

Stardawg – 50%

East Coast Sour Diesel – 50%

Grow credits: Heisenbeans (2018)

Photo credits: Heisenbeans (2019)

Additional information

Weight 0.21 oz


6 Seeds

Seed Sex

Feminized Seeds (Female)

Premium Collectors Pack

Crush-proof containers and tamper proof heat-sealed pouches ensure your genetics are 100% genuine and secure for their long journey.

Cannabis Type

Sativa 90 % Indica 10%

Flowering Length

80 – 85 Days

Finishing Height


Recommended Growing Area

Indoor or Outdoor


ChemDog 4, Tres Dawg, Sour Diesel , Super Skunk , Northern Lights


Spicy, Sweet, Lemony


Musk, Diesel, Pine


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