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East Coast Sour Diesel S1 (Feminized)


East Coast Sour Diesel S1 (Feminized)


6 feminized seeds

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6 Feminized Seeds

Unlike Regular seeds, which may produce 50% males 50% females, Feminized seeds result in 100% guaranteed female seeds. Creating feminized seeds allows the breeder to select the best desired genetics and pass these on to its offspring without having to deal with males. This is accomplished by taking a chosen female that has been tested for desired genetics and treating it with a hormone which inhibits the ethylene production needed by the plant to produce female flowers; In turn forcing the female plant to produce male pollen sacs. Female plants do not contain the male chromosomes so the pollen produced is female. This pollen can be used on a clone of the original female or on another female of a different strain creating feminized crosses. A self pollinated female plant is referred to as S1’s.

Product Description

East Coast Sour Diesel S1’s

ECSD is a sativa dominant hybrid perfect for beginning growers. The cerebral effects kick in quickly and this strain is perfect for those suffering with PTSD and anxiety. The flavor is a balanced blend of spicy and sweet with THC averages around 20%. Although this pungent strain is known to hit strong and quickly, it is still great for wake and bake leaving one happy, energized, and focused for hours.

East Coast Sour Diesel (ECSD for short) creates large flowers with a conical shape. Flowering period is between 10-11 weeks but growers will be rewarded with a larger yield without compromising quality. ECSD has great medicinal properties including: anti-inflammatory effects, inducing focus for patients with attention deficit disorder, enhancing appetite for those undergoing chemotherapy, and positive relief for PTSD

The flowers of ECSD are large with a dark shade of green offset by yellow and orange pistils covered in trichomes. Indoor plants can grow quiet tall so height must be monitored. Without a doubt ECSD will produce strong flowers with a lemony aftertaste. Beginner consumers should avoid overindulgence as this strain can move past the energetic phase into a more sedated one.

East Coast Sour Diesel – Genetic Makeup

ChemDog – 50%

Super Skunk – 25%

Northern Lights – 25%

Grow credits: Heisenbeans (2018)

Photo credits: Heisenbeans (2019)

Additional information

Weight 0.21 oz


6 Seeds

Seed Sex

Feminized Seeds (Female)

Premium Collectors Pack

Crush-proof containers and tamper proof heat-sealed pouches ensure your genetics are 100% genuine and secure for their long journey.

Cannabis Type

Sativa 70 % Indica 30%

Flowering Length

80 – 85 Days

Finishing Height


Recommended Growing Area

Indoor or Outdoor


Sour Diesel , Super Skunk , Northern Lights


Spicy, Sweet, Lemony


Musk, Diesel, Pine


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